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Introducing the Log Cabin Pro Driver, the ultimate solution for driving profits in your business. Engineered with precision and power, this hydraulically driven post pounder surpasses traditional methods by delivering posts that are 10 times stronger than those driven by hand. Designed for efficiency, it can set up to four posts per minute under ideal conditions, ensuring swift project completion.

Equipped with a spring-assist free fall mechanism coupled with safety features, it offers precise control and delivers up to 100,000 lbs of impact force to the posts. With its standard beam capable of driving posts up to 8 inches in diameter and 10 feet in length, and optional tall and super tall beam extensions for longer posts, versatility is paramount. The hydraulic base plate enables tilting up to 25 degrees in all directions, ensuring seamless operation in any soil condition and at any angle required. The Log Cabin Pro Driver: revolutionizing post-driving efficiency while prioritizing safety and performance.


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“24 years ago when I started Circle L Fence, it was myself, one employee, a tractor and a three point hitch post driver. It did not take me long to realize that upgrading equipment would be a necessity if I was going to be successful in the fence industry. Enter Bill Iams and the Log Cabin Pro Driver.

Approximately two years after starting the business I was able to purchase our first Log Cabin Pro Driver. Circle L Fence now operates five crews daily performing a mix of heavy commercial and agricultural fence. We operate three Log Cabin Pro Drivers on a daily basis. To say these drivers have contributed to the growth and success of Circle L Fence would be an understatement. Being a fence contractor himself, Bill realized early on the rigorous demands of a machine to support the fence contractor. The Log Cabin post drivers contribute to our efficiency day in and day out.

They employ a relatively simple design yet are highly effective at driving posts quickly. Due to our normal backlog of projects we simply can not afford downtime. Very rarely do we require parts other than normal wear items, however, when we do need parts they are readily available and the staff at Log Cabin does a phenomenal job of getting you what you need, when you need it. As a business owner there are countless day to day issues to deal with. For me, how Circle L Fence gets posts in the ground is not one of them due to the Log Cabin Pro Driver”

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Down Pressure Auger for Traditional Installations. Non-rigid Rhino Hydraulic Hammer for Effortless No Dig Installs and Successful Straight Post Installation with Minimal Operator Experience Required. Drives 8′-12′ Posts. Offset for Minimal Impact on Your Customer’s Yard. Post Puller Included for Removal Projects. Requires 25 hp / 800 Pound Lift Capacity.

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